Galería de Arte Bea Villamarín

The Bea Villamarín Gallery is a business in the field of culture and creativity in Gijón. Our main activity consists of exhibiting and selling artworks from the artists that we represent, who are artists of contemporary plastic art. We focus on organising exhibitions and selling artworks, under the criteria of disseminating and promoting regional, national and international young art in two ways:

  • On the one hand, by using our space (around 100 m2, on Calle San Antonio nº5, in Gijón) to bring the most interesting trends on the current art scene to the public.
  • And on the other, by participating in events that enable us to bring the Gallery’s exhibitions to people outside Asturias and Spain (for example: art fairs organised both in Spain and abroad).

With over eight years behind us at the Gallery, we have managed to make a space for ourselves in the national gallery and culture market.

To date, we have participated in regional fairs (Arte Oviedo), national fairs (three years at JustMad and four years at Art Madrid) and international fairs (two years in Strasbourg, one year in London, three at the Los Angeles Contemporary Art fair in the United States). In each case, the results have been positive and have enabled us to keep growing and to continue with our work to disseminate culture and art at our gallery in Gijón, and thereby contribute to the economic development of the city, promoting an entrepreneurial spirit.

Of course, in parallel with our involvement in art fairs, the Gallery’s daily activity continues. We have held five individual exhibitions per year and around two collective ones, presenting the work of artists such as Carlos Tárdez and Diego Benéitez (finalists of the BMW Award), Xurxo Gómez Chao, Rubén Martín de Lucas, Charles Villeneuve and others. We also take part in cultural events like the Gijón Noche Blanca and others.

All this means that in these eight years, our business has become a benchmark in renewing the concept of a gallery, getting closer to the public, making art something more approachable, promoting “communication” between artists and art lovers and disseminating their works more effectively.

Datos de interés

De lunes a viernes de 11h a 14h y de 17:30h a 20:30h. Sábados de 11h a 14h.