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“Gijón de Compras” provides themed routes and itineraries for sustainable shops in the tourist area of Gijón/Xixón.

These routes make it possible to combine shopping with exploring the city’s monuments and tourist sites in way that is more approachable, enabling you to discover unique shops “with soul”. These are must-visit establishments if you want to buy Asturian foods, traditional pastries and products with their own identity.

The business produced by these shops helps keep the personality of Gijón/Xixón alive and demonstrate its uniqueness and particular idiosyncrasies.

On these routes, we can find shops that offer all kinds of products, from culinary to cultural to small local artisan businesses, as well as design and fashion shops. Of particular note are the sweets from confectioners’ with their own bakers and artisan ice cream parlours, where you can discover the sweetest part of the city.

All participating shops have the “Biosphere Committed” emblem which shows their commitment to applying good, sustainable practices and, in particular, their dedication to contributing towards tourism that is more responsible and environmentally-friendly.

Biosphere Committed + Sustainable Practices
Vista de la calle Corrida, en su zona peatonal, tomada desde un piso alto. En la calle se ven varios grupos de personas así como los árboles y farolas que dividen la calle longitudinalmente