Confitería La Playa

Iconic, hundred-year-old confectioner’s in Gijón, whose name refers to its origins, facing the beach. It is now on Calle Corrida, where it has been for over 80 years.

The renowned Princesitas de La Playa (Little Princesses of The Beach) are an undeniable display of authentic artisan produce prepared using manual techniques, with a limited production, and are now part of Gijón’s local culture. Dating back to the dawn of the last century, the way they are made, one by one and manually, has not changed since then. The total absence of uniformity in their size and shape is a sign of their artisan value.

For the last few years, our little beach booths, replicas of the real ones on the San Lorenzo Beach, along with the ‘little princesses’, make the perfect combination.

A family business, now in its fourth generation, where the its sole main secret is to maintain and adapt old recipes that, along with the excellent quality of their ingredients, make La Playa a sweet-toothed inspiration in Asturias. Out of that inheritance, there are products where the recipe and production remain intact and, even though they are much more laborious, their flavours and textures are difficult to replicate.

Other popular products among customers are the mantecado imperial (special kind of cake), chantilly cream, pastel ruso (sponge-like pastry), tocinillos (custard dessert), cream truffles, nut pastes and various desserts, including the strawberry soufflé, our own creation, and the roscón de Reyes (Epiphany cake), which attracts many fans.

Datos de interés

9:30 a 20:00h de martes a sábado. Domingo de 9,30 a 15,00h. Lunes cerrado por descanso.
Primer plano de una bandeja de dulces artesanos hechos en la confitería