Turrones y Helados Federico Verdú

Federico Verdú is a family business that began in 1882 and has now reached its fifth generation.

Nougat, marzipan and Christmas sweets prepared daily, using artisan methods, in Gijón and Jijona with top-quality raw ingredients. We make business sets and gift packages of various sizes for shipping all over the world.

Almost all our products are gluten-free and we have several vegan options. We have updated lists of allergens, such as lactose intolerance. During summer, we make artisan ice creams to be enjoyed in a tub, cone, bar or ice lolly, or to take home.

Datos de interés

Abril a Octubre: 10:30 a 20:30 h y Noviembre y Diciembre: 10 -14 h. y de 16:30 a 20:30 h. de Lunes a Sábado. Abierto también los Domingos de Julio, Agosto, Noviembre y Diciembre.