Llamazares Galería SL

Llamazares Galería opened its doors in 2005, founded by Gema Llamazares. After fifteen years in the business of disseminating and promoting contemporary and emerging art, in 2021 it was her daughter, Diana Llamazares, who took over, updating its image and brand and starting down an exciting path. The spirit of work, ethics, consistency and determination that has typified the work of the gallery over these past fifteen years has merged with the strength of youth, excitement and new approaches, which will only enrich this new project.

Found in Gijón, the exhibitions display the work of mid-career artists alongside that of young creators, to whom the gallery offers a platform to make their projects visible and a commitment to their art career.

Datos de interés

Abierto de lunes tarde a sábado mañana De 12.00 hrs a 14.00 hrs y de 18.00 hrs a 21.00 hrs
Galería llamazares