Laura Sampedro

At Laura Sempedro, you’ll find mainly costume jewellery designed and produced by me in my workshop, with components coming mainly from Spanish family businesses and other designers and craftspeople who I think complement my work.

My philosophy is aimed at women of today: women who are always active and haven’t a minute to spare, seeking comfort and suitability at all times, but also wanting to feel good and portray our attitude and our personality through our image. That’s why, as far as possible, I seek to make items that are lightweight, comfortable and easy to combine. The materials I use include semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, metal alloys with different finishes, horn, bone, glass, new materials such as resins, or ones that are as old as the hills, such as shells or wood.

Datos de interés

Lunes a viernes de 11:00 a 13:30 y de 17:00 a 20:00h. Sábados de 11 a 13.30h. Miércoles cerrado en temporada baja.