Presenting a shop for women, located very centrally, on Calle Menendez Valdés Nº6, called FLY.

Your favourite brands and exclusive garments from Paris, London and Barcelona, arriving daily in small numbers and at affordable prices, with a variety of sizes, ranging from 34 to 44 and, importantly, open to the public for long hours as we don’t close at midday during the week!!!

And, of course, we have stock for all ages – for mature women who want to feel young, and for young girls who want to dress differently.

At FLY, you can find all kinds of accessories, such as scarves and bags.

You’ll receive personalised, tailor-made service.

Datos de interés

De lunes a viernes: de10:30 a 20:30. Sábados: de10:30 a 14:00 y de 17:00 a 20:30.