Asun Aguilera

Contemporary Creative Jewellery Shop/Workshop. Artisan Designer/Jeweller’s. Jewellery and Torch Fire Enamel in Top-Quality Silver and Gold, Aluminium, Titanium and Steel.

My jewellery pieces are a faithful reflection of my concerns and perceptions and can be of different natures. Some are purposefully to beautify in a game of harmonies and shapes, colour and light or beautiful contrasts; others hide feelings, emotions or reflect experiences; sometimes they are authentic declarations of principles and values; others are a humorous wink; they might be artefacts of purely constructive interest; sometimes they enclose symbols, legends, etc.

My speciality: customised orders. Independent jeweller’s.

Datos de interés

Primer plano de una pieza de joyería con forma de cuenco irregular, posado sobre una lámina doblada sobre sí misma y que pende de un enganche largo y recto Al fondo se ven paneles de metra quilato para enmarcar la joya